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General Meeting autumn 2014

We would like to thank Bomag GmbH for supporting our general meeting held in November 2014 which was attended by 70 road-building pros from seven different countries.

One topic was machine transports, a long-time “hot” issue. Meanwhile, transport permits are granted imposing ever-new conditions and constraints that are almost impossible to comply with. They pose a massive hindrance to machine transports. At the same time, in particular the high-performance large milling machines are requested at ever-shorter notice, and the number of night and weekend operations is increasing continuously.
It was reported that various discussions had taken place with tendering authorities to provide solutions. The authorities of Schleswig-Holstein, for example, are a positive exception. Regrettably, we had to realize that the BMVI (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) has to date not made any effort to promote fast road rehabilitation by making specific requirements to reduce administrative obstacles.

The situation concerning the new ASR A5.2 (technical regulations for workplaces on road construction sites) was another topic of discussion. Having been published by the Federal Ministry of Labour, the new regulations have meanwhile become “state of the art”, meaning that they need to be taken into account when issuing new invitations to tender. Unfortunately, however, the panels involved have not yet arrived at a consensus regarding the details. Nonetheless, members’ reports from the field show that the regulations are already implemented quite often on larger work spaces and that implementation is quite feasible.

The VESF had invited Topcon to give this meeting’s guest lecture. The company presented the “mm GPS” 3D control system, and Carsten Frantzen provided interesting food for thought when giving a keynote speech on the topic of “Global technology trends both in everyday life and in the construction industry”. The most important message: in the near future, 3D control systems will be used throughout the agricultural and construction industry. Machine users are therefore well advised to have a good look at the technology now, especially in view of the fact that, with correct planning and application, it delivers precise, top-rate results.

The series of lectures was rounded out by Thomas Schmitz from Faymonville AG who presented a new trailer for cold milling machines. The participants had the opportunity to take a closer look at the flatbed truck during the subsequent tour of the Bomag GmbH plant.

Jonathan Stringham, Member of the Board, greeted the participants on behalf of Bomag GmbH. The German-Canadian presented the Bomag company, focusing on the market segment of cold milling machines and toolholder systems currently on offer as well as on future products and solutions.
The meeting concluded with a tour of the main plant of Bomag GmbH in Boppard. The visitors gained an insight into different production areas, the new roller drum and milling drum production plant, as well as the state-of-the-art logistics centre in which up to 50,000 spare parts of most diverse shapes and sizes can be stocked and retrieved in a fully automated process. At the end of the tour, the visitors were given the opportunity to take a scrutinizing look at the current range of Bomag cold milling machines – an offer that was made extensive use of.

Image 1: Meeting room
Image 2: Group picture
Image 3: Guided tour Bomag
Image 4: Trailer Faymonville
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