Privacy Policy

This online offer does not collect any user data. In addition, no tags – cookies or similar – will be left on the client computer. Within the scope of the technical operation of the web server, so-called log data only are recorded by the provider.

These include the IP address of the requesting client computer or, in the case of an address translation, that of a gateway, the date and time of access, the type of web request and the page accessed, the response code of the web server, the referrer if provided by the client computer and any information on the client computer as provided by the same

These log data can be viewed by the website owner which is, however, not possible in real time. User identification and user tracking are not possible for the provider of the online offer. These data will not be correlated with any other data sources, and will also not be shared with third parties. We reserve the right to check these data at a later date, should specific evidence for illegal use come to our attention.