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The removal of pavements in need of rehabilitation is carried out quickly and safely with high-quality special machines, the cold milling machines.


The general meetings of the Association of European Road Milling Companies (VESF) are by nature designed as international events. Because such an industry meeting is currently not possible in the previous form, the VESF board has switched to a digital format. Thus, the first online general meeting of the VESF took place on 30 October 2020.


Before the introduction of ASR 5.2, the required working space around cold milling machines was always a cause for discussion. The milling service providers organised in the VESF welcome …


For years, the reduction of dust emissions has been one of the intensively discussed topics in the VESF, the Association of European Road Milling Contractors e.V. To this end, the association or the milling service providers have been actively cooperating as pioneers for more than 15 years …


The reuse of reclaimed asphalt makes economic, ecological and constructional sense. Against the background of increasingly scarce building materials, selective milling makes an important contribution to the sustainable use of our resources. With this method,…


The load-bearing capacity of bridges in Germany is decreasing rapidly and continuously, especially in the western federal states. As a result, more and more bridges are being closed …


In November 2014, the key players in the European road milling industry came together for the autumn conference of the VESF e.V., the Association of European Road Milling Companies. This time, the participants accepted an invitation …

März 2014

Beim Transport großer Kaltfräsen oder anderer Baumaschinen gibt es zahlreiche Vorgaben des Gesetzgebers. Das Gefahrgutrecht gehörte bisher nicht dazu.