Mission and Goals

Europe as a location for services is growing continuously - a fact leading to the development of new markets with increasingly keen competition. The size of the new European market and the differing requirements of the individual countries regarding quality and technical implementation give rise to problems and questions for many road milling enterprises. A centralized policy of the association is of vital importance in order to satisfy corporate requirements.

The VESF aims at offering membership to as many companies as possible in order to counteract possible order losses in view of an unstable market behaviour. The association further supports the definition of new quality standards in the milling sector that will be applicable on a long-term basis.

In view of increasingly short budget funds and growing service requirements, the contractors are often confronted with difficult tasks. The association helps its members to find profitable solutions to these tasks.

Our association offers support to its members in the following fields:
  • Consultancy in technical questions
  • Information policy among the members
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Professional training and continuing education of the specialists in the milling sector
    By offering trainings and continuing education, we help our members to achieve a high level of performance, enabling them to offer high-quality services.
  • Problem-solving by established expert committees, such as the Technical Committee
  • Central marketing activities, for example:
    - Organization of events
    - Preparation of general documentation
    - Publication of press releases
Small Milling Machine removing markings
Electric driven Small Milling Machine at work in a church