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December 2014
VESF-Autumn meeting 2014
Visit to Bomag and 3D controls for cold milling machines

In November 2014, the key players in the European road milling industry came together for the autumn conference of the VESF e.V., the Association of European Road Milling Companies. This time, the participants accepted an invitation from the machine manufacturer Bomag from Boppard and met in nearby Koblenz.

The VESF is growing continuously. This can be seen, among other things, in the increasing number of participants. This time, 70 road construction professionals from 7 nations came together. In addition the board announced at this meeting that the milling service provider Asfalt Remix SA was recently welcomed as the first member with headquarters in Norway.

Perennial machine transports

One topic was the long-running issue of "machine transports". In the meantime, transport permits are being issued with new conditions and restrictions that are almost unmanageable. They massively complicate the transport of machines. At the same time, the powerful large milling machines in particular are being requested at ever shorter notice and the number of night and weekend operations is increasing and the number of night and weekend operations is rising continuously.
It was reported that various discussions have been held with the tendering bodies in order to create solutions. Pleasant exceptions are, for example, the authorities in Schleswig-Holstein. Unfortunately, we found that the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has not yet made any efforts to promote rapid road rehabilitation by removing administrative barriers. administrative obstacles.

Safety on the construction sites

The status of the new ASR A 5.2 was also discussed. Although the new rules are now "state of the art" due to publication by the Ministry of Labour, and must therefore be taken into account in new tenders. Unfortunately, however, a consensus of the committees involved regarding the details is still pending. Reports from the members from everyday work show, however, that larger workspaces are already being implemented in many places and are certainly feasible.

3D control of construction machinery

This time, the VESF had invited Topcon to give the guest lecture. The company presented the 3D control system "mm GPS" and Carsten Frantzen gave an impulse lecture on the topic of "Global technology trends in everyday life and the construction industry". on "Global technology trends in everyday life and in the construction industry". The most important message: 3D controls will be used in the near future in the entire agricultural and construction industries in the near future. Machine operators are therefore well advised to get to grips with the technology now, especially since it delivers both precise and first-class results when properly planned and applied.

Special trailers for cold milling machines

The series of lectures was rounded off with the presentation of a new trailer for cold milling machines, presented by Thomas Schmitz from Faymonville AG. This low-loader could also be examined "in the flesh" during the subsequent tour of the Bomag GmbH factory.

Bomag plant in Boppard visited

On behalf of Bomag GmbH, Jonathan Stringham, member of the management board, welcomed the participants. The German-Canadian introduced the Bomag company, focusing on the market segment of The German-Canadian presented the Bomag company, focusing on the market segment of currently available cold milling machines and toolholder systems as well as future products and solutions.
At the end of the conference, the participants visited the headquarters of Bomag GmbH in Boppard. The visitors were given an insight into various production areas, the new drum and milling drum plant and the state-of-the-art logistics centre, where up to 50,000 spare parts of different shapes and sizes are and sizes are stored and retrieved fully automatically. Finally, everyone was able to take a closer look at the latest Bomag cold milling machines and inspect them in detail. and inspect the current Bomag cold milling machines - an offer that was used intensively.

Dates 2015

Last but not least, the dates for 2015 were also set. The next meeting of the VESF e.V. will take place from 26 - 28 March 2015 in the Maastricht area (NL). supported by Wirtgen Nederland. A visit to a large construction site is on the agenda - weather and construction progress permitting. Interested parties can find out more on the website

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