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Machinery transports increasingly costly: dilapidated bridges cause long detours and more escort vehicles

The load-bearing capacity of bridges in Germany is decreasing rapidly and continuously, especially in the western federal states. As a result, more and more bridges are being closed to trucks with a total weight of over 44, 48 or 60 tonnes. Due to the closures, the access routes to the construction sites are sometimes noticeably longer, especially for the larger cold milling machines. 40 - 50 % longer journeys are not uncommon. This means: more time and personnel costs, higher operating costs and even more strain on our roads.

Furthermore, the authorities are demanding more and more escort vehicles at critical sections. This requirement already existed in the past, but only for 80 or 90 t articulated lorries. Today, this requirement already applies in many places for transports with a total weight of 60 t or more.

For the milling contractors, this development means a significant increase in personnel, organisational and financial expenses for the transport of the large milling machines. The VESF therefore points out that enormous costs arise here day after day, which are passed on by the milling companies to the road construction authorities via the construction companies. Remedy would be possible - for example with more staff in planning and more financial resources for rehabilitation.

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