Hereunder you find a glossary in english, german and dutch.

Loading of the milled material
Direct loading of the Milled material using an integrated loading conveyor. Full loading of the reclaimed material is not possible for technical reasons.
Continuous acceptance of the Milled material must be ensured.
Large milling machine
Large milling machines are used primarily for large-scale, large-volume milling operations. As a rule, they have working widths larger than 1 m, are track-mounted and equipped with a conveyor system (front loaders). Depending on the machine model, they have Milling depths of up to 35 cm.
(see also: Small milling machine)
The Levelling system controls the Milling depth or cross slope of the cold milling machine automatically and as precisely as possible in accordance with a reference surface.
Different Levelling sensors are used depending on the goal to be achieved by the construction project (levelling, Copy-milling, shaping) and the conditions prevailing on the construction site.