Hereunder you find a glossary in english, german and dutch.

Fine milling
Milling off the pavement surface of traffic areas using special Fine milling drums with a narrow Tool spacing to reduce the structural depth of the surface. Fine milling is not suitable for Deep milling operations. Typically, only a few millimetres of the surface course are removed.

The process can be used to:
-create or restore skid resistance or evenness.
-prepare the application of coatings or pavement layers (thin layers in cold application, thin layers in hot application on tack coat etc.).
Germany: see also the following FGSV publications: HFA (Hinweise für das Fräsen von Asphaltbefestigungen und Befestigungen mit teer-/pechtypischen Bestandteilen = Guidelines for milling asphalt pavements and pavements containing tar-bound matter) and ZTV BEA-StB (Zusätzliche Technische Vertragsbedingungen und Richtlinien für die bauliche Erhaltung von Verkehrsflächen – Asphaltbauweisen = Additional technical conditions of contract and directives for the structural maintenance of traffic areas – Asphalt design).
Fine milling drum
Fine milling drums are special Milling drums with a narrow Tool spacing of 8 mm or less. They are therefore equipped with a significantly larger number of Cutting tools than standard Milling drums.
The smaller the Tool spacing, the higher is the number of Cutting tools and the larger the penetration resistance of the Milling drum.