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Point-attack cutting tools
The actual milling operation is performed by Cutting tools&sprache=en" class="textlink">Point-attack Cutting tools fitted on the Milling drum of the cold milling machine. Their tips are subject to tremendous loads which is why they are manufactured from exceptionally wear-resistant carbide metal.
Cutting tools offering different properties are available for different types of application.
The tool shank is secured in the toolholder by means of a clamping sleeve, which enables free rotation of the cutting tool in the toolholder. The tool’s cutting performance is thus maintained, ensuring uniform wear and tear as well as an extended service life.
During the milling operation, extremely high temperatures are generated at the tool tip which must therefore be continuously cooled with water. The cooling water is additionally used to flush the clamping sleeves while supporting optimal tool rotation.
Cutting tool
Different types of Cutting tools are available. The standard Cutting tool is the so-called point-attack Cutting tool with carbide tip. PKD tools (PKD = polycrystalline diamond) are also available.